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  • Vackor Guesthouse

    Equipments of the Guesthouse:

    In our guesthouse, our aim was to blend the old village atmosphere with the requirements and demands of modern times. This makes our guesthouse a comfortable and cozy place for all generations.

    • 2 bedrooms with 4-4 beds in each, TV, towels
    • Bathroom with shower, toilet, washing machine, hair dryer, separated toilet with wash basin.
    • Fully equipped kitchen, gas cooker, coffee machine, toaster, cooking utensils
    • In the living room / entertaining area we have 2 sets of long tables with 12 chairs, a fireplace, a convertible sofa, plasma TV, bar counter, dishwasher, plates, glasses, cutlery for all types of food and drinks.


    • Infrasauna
    • WIFI
    • Fondue set (for the unique experience of having a meal together)
    • Equipments for babies and small children (baby cot, baby bath tub, high chair, etc.)
    • Well-behaved dogs welcome
    • Huge garden, covered deck, outdoor wood furnace for cooking, barbeque equipment, playground, bikes, table tennis, foosball table

    Our guesthouse is ideal for?


    • In the village and its neighbourhood there are plenty of places appropriate for hunting (woods, fields, riverbank)
    • Several professional hunters’ associations in the region provide assistance for hunters
    • Gemenc, the biggest tidal forest of Central Europe is located within 30 km (part of the Danube-Drava National Park, and it is a nature reserve)

    Fishermen and anglers:

    • The village is situated directly on the bank of the Danube
    • Cutoffs and oxbow lakes near the village provide great fishing opportunities. The Fadd-Dombori oxbow lake is in the nearby.
    • There are still some professional small-scale fishermen in the village and upon request, taking part in traditional Danube fishing is possible (with different types of nets: fyke net, cast net, hand nets, etc.)

    Young people, friends:

    • The house, the big terrace and the garden is ideal for friends’ reunions, cooking, barbeque parties, outdoor cooking in kettle, preparing food in the outdoor furnace, sipping drinks, entertaining. A lawn football (soccer) field is also available 100m from the guesthouse
    • Organizing wine-tasting from a selection of wines of the Szekszárd wine region or pálinka-tasting either in the city of Szekszárd or locally in the guesthouse

    Families with small children:

    • The guesthouse is equipped to have babies and small children (baby bath tub, high chair, potty chair, potty seat, baby cot, pram/pushchair) playground,
    • Huge fenced garden,
    • Calm neighbourhood,
    • Crystal clear air.


    • Craftsmen working in the village (potter, wood carver, basket weaver)
    • Huge garden, games (table tennis, foosball, darts, board games, sleigh, fishing rods)
    • Events in Gerjen
    • Southern-Trans-Danube, Tolna County events, programs
    • Bikes
    • Football (soccer) field at the end of the street
    • Horse carriage
    • Internet
    • PlayStation

    Guests willing to enjoy the calmness of a village:

    • Calm, nicely maintained village
    • Crystal clear air
    • Abundance of greenery
    • Massage upon request

    On what occasions we recommend our guesthouse?

    • School graduation parties
    • School reunions
    • Wine tastings (with an expert)
    • Pálinka (brandy) tasting
    • Cheese tasting
    • Traditional pigsticking
    • Fondue parties
    • Friends’ gathering, reunions (outdoor cooking in kettle, food made in the furnace)