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  • Events, sights to see

    Events in Gerjen:

    • 1st May festival in Gerjen
    • Coach driving (Regional competition, 1st weekend of June)
    • Duna-Rock Festival (Rock concerts, 2nd half of June)
    • Saint’s Day Festival (Temporary amusement park and vendors, end of August)
    • Harvest Festival (3rd weekend of September)
    • Christmas market (the week prior to Christmas)

    Events and programs in the South Trans-Danubian Region and Tolna County:

    • Harvest Festival in Szekszárd
    • Pentecost Festival, Szekszárd
    • Siller Festival at Sárgödör square in the city of Paks
    • Pumpkin Festival in Paks
    • Forest Railway, Gemenc
    • Flying, Őcsény
    • Visitor Center in the Nuclear Plant in Paks
    • Cruising, Gemenc, Karaszi Fok
    • Bathing /Swimming, Fadd-Dombori
    • Hotel Orchidea Spa in Tengelic
    • Swimming pools in Paks
    • Tale’s Gallery in Fadd, Mariann Gáti
    • Fire enamel art in Fadd, Krisztina Horváth Ódryné
    • Weaving with loom in Fadd, Matild Soponyai Horváthné

    Wineries in Tolna County and in the South Trans-Danubian Region:

    • Paks – Fabro Winery
    • Szekszárd – Tringa Winery
    • Szekszárd – Fekete Winery
    • Szekszárd – Winery of Laci Pálinkás
    • Szekszárd – Mészáros Winery
    • Györköny – row of wine vaults
    • Alisca Wine Knights Society – Szekszárd
    • Fadd György major – 100% fruit juice production, visiting the premises

    Local craftsmen, and other curiosities:

    • Éva Kozák – potter/ceramist, folk artist (visiting her workshop prior notice, potting, shopping)
    • Andrea Csesznegi – massage (service at the guesthouse upon request)
    • Puskás – Domsa family (coach-driving)
    • József Házi – wood carving
    • Ilonka Antus – crochet
    • Mihály Karsai – basket weaving
    • Melinda Páll – beading
    • Erika Gerendai Trickné – original fried bread (lángos)
    • Erzsi Kincse – home-made strudel
    • Béla Tóth – Honey


    • Alimentál Restaurant home delivery service
    • Akasztó, Fishermen’s Paradise


    • shops in the village
    • fishing licence