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  • Welcome to the website of Vackor Guesthouse!

    The world we live in is getting faster in every aspect. People eat in fast food restaurants, are always in a hurry, need to get work done at once, take crash courses, all because as we say time is money. Time however means much more than that: it is freedom. If we can make good use of it, we can live a more meaningful, balanced and happier life. People still have the ancient desire for living a life closer to nature, for a simpler lifestyle at a slower pace.

    Our friends made it clear to us, that the place where we live at – Gerjen – on the bank of the River Danube, in a wonderful countryside, every day is like a holiday. Our goal is to share this experience with our guests and for this reason, we have established our guesthouse. The beautiful countryside on the bank of the Danube, friendly locals, fine food and drinks let us boldly say: Vackor Guesthouse is the place where life still has a flavour.

    Looking forward to having you soon as our guest,


    Best regards,

    Erika Hanol-Molnár